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Claude Dornier, backed by Count von Zeppelin, designed several giant all-metal seaplanes, but none of them saw service.[1] The firm was also known as Zeppelin-Lindau (Dornier).


  1. The giant Rs.I was started in Jan'15 and finished in October but was wrecked during trials[2] on 21 Dec 1915. While it was an advanced design in some ways, it never flew.[3]
  2. The R.II was started in Dec'15. After trials it was dismantled,[4] having suffered extensive engine damage in September 1917.[5]
  3. The Rs.III giant monoplane improved on its predecessors and flew in Oct 1917.[6] After much testing, it was released for front-line service on 27 Oct 1918, just before war's end. After the war it was used for mine-spotting and other duties until it was scrapped at the end of July 1921.[7]
  4. The last of the giants was launched in Oct'18 and dismantled in 1919, but the lessons learned informed Dornier's inter-war flying boats.[8]
  5. The Zeppelin-Lindau (Dornier) C.I was a two-seater test vehicle with stressed-steel skin.[9]
  6. The CS.I was a single-wing, two-seat seaplane that was tested in 1918.[10]
  7. The V.I was a prototype pusher design, first flying in the autumn of 1916.[11]
  8. The D.I was a cantilevered biplane without struts. One version shed a wing during trials and another had disappointing performance.[12]
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