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Reference Color House Paints or Standards Hobby Paints
Methuen 5D4

CIElab 64.8,4.0,25.1
rgb #b49971

Beauti-Tone/Cloverdale Gold Season (B9-2-0297-4)

Behr Antique Treasure (N280-5)
Benjamin Moore Taupe Suede (OR-64)
DIN6164 TSD 2-3-2
Dulux/Glidden Old Salem Gold (30YY 35/249)
FS595c Dark Yellow (33448)
NCS1950 S 3020-Y20R
Pantone 7503C
PPG Toasted Sesame (1099-5)
Sherwin-Williams Baguette (6123)
Valspar Caramel Gold (3006-7B)

VallejoMC Green Ochre (70.914) ~

ReaperMSP Khaki Shadow (9121) ?
ReaperMSP Tanned Skin (9044) ?
ReaperMSP Golden Shadow (9091) ?