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Reference Color House Paints or Standards Hobby Paints
Methuen 30D4

CIElab 70.1,-5.8,17.5
rgb #adad8b

Beauti-Tone Rediscover (C42-3-0408-0)

Behr Sanctuary (PPU9-21)
Benjamin Moore English Thyme (OR-312)
British Std. 2660 Sky (5-059)
British Std. 5252 Beige (12 B 19)
Cloverdale Artichoke (CA160)
DIN6164 TSD 24-2-2
Dulux/Glidden Thyme (70YY 46/160)
Farrow&Ball Ball Green (75)
FS595A Green (34583)
Pantone 5783 C
PPG Olive Sprig (1125-4)
RAL Design 110 70 20
Sherwin-Williams Koi Pond (7727)
Valspar Backwoods (6004-3C)

Vallejo MC Stone Grey (70.884) ~

Reaper MSP Pale Olive (9036)