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Reference Color House Paints or Standards Hobby Paints
Methuen 29F4

CIElab 41.6,-4.6,11.3
rgb #626450

Beauti-Tone Newbury Moss (CC067-3)

Behr Russian Olive (N350-7)
Benjamin Moore Forest Floor (CC-570)
British Std. Slate (634)
British Std. 5252 Spruce Green (12 B 25)
Cloverdale Jewel Box Green (ST018)
DIN6164 TSD 24-2-5
Dulux/Glidden Holiday Bough (10GY 14/135)
FS595 Dark Green (24097)
Little Greene Mid bronze green (125)
NCS1950 S 6010-G50Y
Pantone 5743U
PPG All About Olive (1126-7)
RAL Design 110 40 10
Sherwin-Williams Garden Gate (6167)
Valspar City Arboretum (6006-4C)

Vallejo MC US Dark Green (70.893)

Reaper MSP Shadowed Stone (9085) ?