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Reference Color House Paints or Standards Hobby Paints
Methuen 20E8

CIElab 30.94,3.01,-33.81
rgb #194a7e

Beauti-Tone Dock Side (A25-1-1456-3)

Behr Beacon Blue (P510-7)
Benjamin Moore Patriot Blue (2064-20)
Dulux Blazer Blue (AB0104)
FS595c 15056, 25056, 35056
RAL 280 30 35
Sherwin-Williams Dignity Blue (6804)
TSD 15-5-4 (DIN6164)

Reaper MSP Ultramarine Blue (9188)

Vallejo Model Color Prussian Blue (70.965) ?
Humbrol Oxford Blue (AB0104) ?