Sopwith Spinning Jenny

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Sopwith Spinning Jenny
Role Fighter/Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Sopwith
Primary user RAF Type A Roundel.svg U.K. (RNAS)
Number built 24 [1]
Engine 100hp Gnome rotary
Crew 2
Max Speed 111 km/h (69 mph) [1]
Climb 910 m (3,000 ft) in 20:00 [1]
Service Ceiling 910 m (3,000 ft) [1]
Endurance 3:30 [1]

The Sopwith Two-Seater Scout or Spinning Jenny was a landplane version of the Sopwith Type 807 with equal-span wings. About twenty-four were delivered to the RNAS. It was intended as an anti-airship fighter, but the fact that its ceiling was three thousand feet when fully loaded, and its makeshift collection of light weaponry, made it unlikely to achieve success. They had a proclivity to enter a spin, and in those days few pilots knew how to recover. The Spinning Jennys were probably all withdrawn by the end of 1915. [1]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Sopwith Two-Seat Scout.


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