Sikorsky S-21 Grand

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Sikorsky S-21 Grand
Sikorsky Russky Vityaz (Le Grand).jpg
Role Bomber
Manufacturer Sikorsky
Designer Igor I. Sikorsky
First flight Dec 1911
Primary user Imperial Russian Aviation Roundel.svg Russia
Number built 1
Engine 4×100hp Argus

Work on the four-engine Sikorsky S-21 Grand began in August 1912, at a time when both the scale and power of the plane was unprecedented. It was originally flown with only two 100hp engines, but it had barely enough power to fly. It performed much better when tested with four engines in May 1913. In its final configuration it was renamed the Russkiy Vityaz (Russian Knight). It was damaged during testing in September 1913 after completing fifty-eight flights and proving that a large, multi-engine aeroplane was practical. [1]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Sikorsky Russky Vityaz.


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