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Schütte-Lanz was founded in 1909 by Dr. Johann Schütte and Dr. Karl Lanz of Mannheim. They designed not only airships but a series of prototype aircraft, none of which went into production. The firm built three Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI aircraft (R.27, R.28, and R.29) and were in the process of building Zeppelin-Staaken R.XIVas R.84 to R.86 when the war ended.[1]

Aircraft designs from the Great War period include:


  1. The G.I was developed to fill the K-class battleplane position, but it was too slow and it was never converted into a bomber.[2]
  2. The G.II was an unbuilt prototype design similar to the G.I.[2]
  3. The G.III was an unbuilt prototype design similar to the G.I.[2]
  4. The G.V was a massive twin-engine triplane that was completed by LVG as the G.III.[2]
  5. The G.VI was a three-engine, twin-boom bomber similar to Caproni designs.[2]
  6. In mid 1917 the firm started design on an all-aluminum heavy bombers R.65 and R.66. It may have been 80% complete when the war ended, and the project was dismantled to keep it from falling in to Entente hands.[1]
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