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Siemens-Schuckert Werke GmbH of Berlin and Nurnberg, aka "SSW", produced several interesting planes in small numbers, from fighters to giant bombers.[1] Siemens Halske had been founded in 1847 for the manufacture of telegraphic equipment, and in 1873 they merged with Schuckert works of Nürnberg to form Siemens-Schuckert. They started building airships in 1907, and their first bombers were of the giant R-class. In 1916 they entered the fighter arena with the E-class monoplanes, followed by the D.I and eventually D.III and D.IV.[2]

Production aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:


  1. The prototype E.II was basically an E.I with an 120hp Argus As.II inline engine instead of a rotary. It did not go into production.[3]
  2. A series of prototypes bore the D.II name, but none went into production. They led, however, to the D.III. The first three were pure D.II prototypes; the latter three were re-designated D.IIIs and were followed by production orders.[4]
  3. None of these particular versions of giant bombers saw combat use.[5]
  4. One R.VIII was finished and another was under construction at the Armistice. This six-engined giant saw flight testing in 1919, at which time it was the largest aircraft in the world.
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