Rumpler A/13

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Rumpler A/13 "Taube"
Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Rumpler
Designer Igor Etrich
First flight 1911
Primary user Germany
Number built 134 combined[1]
Variants Rumpler A/14
Engine 100hp Mercedes D.I inline
Armament none

The Taube design of Austrian Igo Etrich was manufactured by a variety of German companies, but none more widely than Rumpler, who built 134 pre-war Taubes, of which 73 were built in 1913. The Taube was a stable, safe machine, and while those characteristics are good in a trainer, they do not match the needs of the battlefield, and Taubes did not last long after the start of the war.


Game Data

Wings of Glory

Unofficial Stats
Availability Maneuver Damage Dmg Points Max Alt. Climb
14Q3-15Q2 XB - 9 7 6
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Miniatures and Models

Any Taube design will make a good substitute.

1:300 Scale


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