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Farman M.F.11's had been built in large numbers in Italy for quite a while when Umberto Savoja[note 1] and Ottorino Pomilio devised a new model with the Fiat A.10 engine. Two companies were formed to build Savoja-Pomilio aeroplanes: Societá anonima per construzioni aeronautiche Ing. O. Pomilio & C., run by Pomilio; and Societá Italiana Aviazione (S.I.A), incorporated by Fiat.[1] SP pushers filled a gap while better two-seaters were in development, and SIA placed their bets on their SIA 7b, which was a failure. Pomilio in the mean time worked on the PC/PD/PE series. After the disastrous history of the SIA 7b and closure of SIA, Fiat produced airplanes under their own name.[2]

Production aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:

Both companies Pomilio S.I.A. Fiat


  1. Frequently the "j" in Savoja is transliterated as an "i".
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