Phönix D.II

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Phönix D.II
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Phönix
First flight early 1918 [1]
Introduction May 1918 [1]
Primary user Cross-Pattee-Heraldry.svg Austria-Hungary
Number built 48 [1]
Developed from Phönix D.I
Variants Phönix D.IIa
Wingspan 9.88 m (32 ft 5 in) [2]
Engine 200hp Hiero inline
Armament 2×fixed sync. Schwarzlose [note 1]
Max Speed 182 km/h (113 mph) [2]
Climb 1,000 m (3,280 ft) in 3:12[2]
2,000 m (6,500 ft) in 7:00[2]
3,000 m (10,000 ft) in 12:00[2]
Endurance 3:00 [2]

The Phönix D.II improved on the Phönix D.I by lightening the airframe, eliminating dihedral, and redesigning the tail, making it more responsive. It started service at the front line in May with six Fliks, but there were problems with the engine bearers that led to accidents, and a wing failure in June resulted in a loss in confidence in the plane among pilots, who preferred the well-proven 225hp Albatros D.III. It was built in three series: Series 122, 222, and 322. [1]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Phönix D.I.


Game Data[edit]

Wings of Glory[edit]

Unofficial Stats
Availability Maneuver Damage Dmg Points Max Alt. Climb
Maneuver.png Firing.png Damage.png Ceiling.png Climb.png
18Q2-18Q4 Q A 16 13 3

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