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Société Anonyme des Éstablishments Nieuport was opened in 1909 by Édouard de Nieport[note 1] in Darracq, France. Édouard died in a crash in 1911 and the company leadership fell to his brother Charles, who subsequently died in a crash in 1913. Chief engineering responsibilities fell to Gustav Delage, who designed many of the famous Nieuport aircraft of WWI.[1]

Aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:


  1. It is not known why the spelling of the founder and the company are different
  2. The Type 13 was a prototype 2-seat biplane that was not selected for production.[2]
  3. The Type 15 was a 1916 prototype two-seat bomber. At least two were built but it did not enter production.[3]
  4. The Type 18 was a prototype three-seater with a 150hp Hispano-Suiza engine.[4]
  5. The Type 19 was another multi-engine bomber prototype.[5]
  6. The Type 22 has not been identified.[6]
  7. The Type 25 was basically a Nieuport 24 with a 200hp Clerget 11E. One was used by Charles Nungesser but it never entered French production, though it may or may not have been used in Russia.[7]
  8. The Type 26 has not been identified.[6]
  9. The Type 29 was an advanced fighter that took until 1920 to enter service, where it remained until 1929.[8]
  10. The Type 30 was a two-seat bomber with a 450hp Renault engine. Too late for the war, a handful were built and used as early airliners.[9]
  11. The Types 80-83 were trainers built in the Nieuport 10 or 12 designs, with the 80hp Le Rhône engine.[10]
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