Mosca MBbis

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Mosca MBbis
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Mosca
Designer F.E.Moska, Bystritsky
Primary user Russia
Number built ~50
Variants Mosca MB
Engine Le Rhône or Clerget rotary

Before the war, Italian Francesco E. Mosca worked in Russia at the Dux plant. When war broke out, he formed his own small aircraft company building Farman IVs. Working with his partner Bystritsky, he designed a two-seater with folding wings for transport, the Mosca MB. A one-seat version followed, the Mosca MBbis, of which about fifty were built. They served not only during the war but frequently in the civil war that followed. The MBbis was not equipped with a synchronizer; instead a Colt or Lewis machine gun was mounted to fire at a steep angle over the propeller or deflector plates were mounted for firing through the propeller. [1]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Mosca-Bystritsky MBbis.

Miniatures and Models

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