Morane-Saulnier Type BB

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Morane-Saulnier BB
Morane-Saulnier BB French First World War reconnaissance aircraft in RFC markings.jpg
Role Reconnaissance/Fighter
Manufacturer Morane-Saulnier
First flight 1915 [1]
Primary users RAF Type A Roundel.svg U.K. (RFC/RAF)
Imperial Russian Aviation Roundel.svg Russia
Number built ~80 [1]
Wingspan 8.66 m (28 ft 5 in) [2]
Engine 80-110hp Le Rhône 9J rotary
Armament rear flexible Lewis [note 1]
Crew 2
Max Speed 134 km/h (83 mph)[3]
Climb 1,980 m (6,500 ft) in 13:00[3]
6,500 ft (2,000 m) in 20:00[2]
3,050 m (10,000 ft) in 26:48[3][2]
Ceiling 3,660 m (12,000 ft)[3]-13,100 ft (4,000 m)[2]

The Morane-Saulnier Type BB was a departure for the firm from their usual monoplanes. While a small number were provided to Russia, almost all BBs were built for the RFC. While they were ordered with the 110hp Le Rhône engine, those engines were removed and instead on the more capable Morane-Saulnier Type P. The BBs had to settle for the more available 80hp Le Rhône 9J. BBs were supplied to No.1 and 3 squadrons where they served alongside Type Ps, and they were used in small numbers by No.12 and 60 squadrons.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Morane-Saulnier BB.

Timeline [note 2]

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Unofficial Stats
Maneuver Damage Dmg Points Max Alt. Climb
Y -/B or B/B 10 9 5
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  1. Sometimes also a fixed, upward-firing gun on the top wing.
  2. British usage numbers are approximate, derived from the squadron histories.[4]
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