Morane-Saulnier Type AC

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Morane-Saulnier AC
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Morane-Saulnier
Introduction 1916[1]
Primary user Roundel of the French Air Force before 1945.svg France
Number built 30
Engine 110hp Le Rhône 9J rotary or
110hp Le Rhône 9Jb
Armament fixed sync. Vickers
Crew 1
Max Speed 178 km/h (111 mph) [2]
Climb 2000m in 5:55
3000m in 10:15 [2]
Ceiling 5,600 m (18,400 ft) [2]
Endurance 2:30 [2]

The Morane-Saulnier Type AC was a shoulder-wing monoplane in the style of the Type N with a single machine-gun, a large headrest, and heavy wing bracing. Thirty were ordered in late 1916 and they were parceled out in small numbers to various units where they served alongside other Morane-Saulniers and Nieuports until they were replaced in spring to autumn of 1917. [2]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Morane-Saulnier AC.



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