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Leon Morane and Raymond Saulnier formed Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes Morane-Saulnier in 1910 in Villacoublay, Paris. The firm went on to produce many models, including several pre-war planes that saw combat. Morane-Saulnier designs were very influential and influenced the design of planes for both Entente and Central Powers combatants.[1] Unlike most manufacturers, Morane-Saulnier used alphabetic lettering for their designs rather than numeric.

Aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:


  1. The 1911 Type A was a pre-war monoplane with a 50hp Gnome.[2]
  2. The 1911 Type C referred to five Type As re-engined with the 80hp Gnome for Russia.[2]
  3. The 1911 Type F had an 80hp Gnome. Two were built for Romania.[2]
  4. The 1912 Type GA was a Type G with a 60hp Le Rhône.[2]
  5. The 1912 Type GA was a Type G with a 80hp Le Gnome.[2]
  6. The Type O was a racing airplane from 1914. At least two were built.[3]
  7. The Type PP was a pre-war plane named for its Paris to Pau flight.[2]
  8. The Type S was a prototype three-seat twin-engined heavy bomber.[2]
  9. The TRK was a triplane bomber prototype from 1915.[4]
  10. The Type U was a Type V with ailerons. It did not see production.[5]
  11. The Type X was a 1916 bomber project that may have only existed on paper.[6]
  12. The Type Y was a three-seat reconnaissance prototype.[2]
  13. The Type AE was a two-seat reconnaissance prototype with the 150hp Le Rhône engine.[7]
  14. The AF was a single-seat biplane prototype, aka MoS28, with the unreliable 150hp Gnome engine.[8]
  15. The AFH was a prototype version of the AH intended for carrier use.[9]
  16. The AN series were two-seat fighter prototypes of 1918 with various engines.[10]
  17. The BH was a prototype based on the BB with a 140hp Hispano-Suiza engine, a first for Morane-Saulnier.[11]
  18. The 1913 Type BI was a two-seat monoplane with the 80hp Gnome.[2]
  19. The WR refers to both a Type G seaplane built for Russia and a two-seat armored airplane.[2]
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