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Martinsyde, Ltd., was headed by Messrs Martin and Handasyde and produced several pre-war planes as well as their underappreciated production series.[1]

Production Aircraft

Production aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:



  1. The R.G. was a promising fighter from 1917, but it had the misfortune of using the same engine as the Bristol Fighter, to which all such engines were funneled.[2]
  2. The F.1 was a 1917 two-seater prototype with -- curiously for the time -- the observer in the front cockpit under the wing, a throwback to earlier years.[3]
  3. The F.2 was a two-seat fighter prototype that suffered from having the same role as the contemporary Bristol F.2B and the same engine as the R.A.F. S.E.5a.[4]
  4. The F.3 was a single-seat fighter prototype that again suffered from engine competition, but further adjustments resulted in the Martinsyde F.4.[5]
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