Lohner B.III

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Lohner B.III
Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Lohner
First flight June 1913 [1]
Introduction Sep 1913
Primary user Cross-Pattee-Heraldry.svg Austria-Hungary
Number built 4 Series 13; 24 Series 14
Engine 100-120hp Daimler inline
Armament none
Crew 2
Max Speed 130 km/h (81 mph) [2][note 1]
Climb 1000m in 10min [2][note 2]

Four of the Lohner B.III Pfeilfliger aeroplanes were built in 1913 and delivered as Series 13 or the Type D. They suffered from weak wings and poor workmanship, but they were used by Flik 1. One was shot down by Russian troops' small-arms fire and another suffered wing failure, resulting in the last two being withdrawn and held in storage through October 1915. [1]

The plane was redesigned in the form of the Series 14 or Type E and an order for twenty-four was placed. The first three were sent for combat evaluation with three different Fliks, and the reported that the plane was underpowered and useless in the high altitudes. Most of the rest of the batch were redirected directly to training units. [3]

UFAG built eight Lohner B.III(U) as Series 14.5 and they served as trainers. [4]

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  1. 115km/h for the Series 14.[3]
  2. 1000m in 11:20 for the Series 14.[3]
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