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Role Trainer/Reconnaissance
Manufacturer L.V.G.
Introduction late 1915
Primary user Cross-Pattee-alternate3.svg Germany
Developed from L.V.G. B.II
Wingspan 12.51 m (41 ft 1 in)[1]
Engine 120hp Mercedes D.II inline
Armament none
Max Speed 120 km/h (75 mph)[1]
Climb 3,000 m (9,840 ft) in 28:00[1]
Endurance 2:30[1]

While the L.V.G. B.III was intended as a trainer, a small number found their way to the front in late 1915.[2]

According to Grey, the L.V.G. B.III (Schül) version was developed in 1917 for training[1], rather than 1915, so there is a little bit of a mystery about the dates. Perhaps the B.III design was revived in 1917 for training purposes; perhaps the 1917 date was a misprint. It was built by both L.V.G. and Schütte-Lanz.[1]

For more information, see Wikipedia:LVG B.I.

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