L.V.G. C.I

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L.V.G. C.I
Role Reconnaissance/Trainer
Manufacturer L.V.G.
Introduction early summer 1915[1]
Primary user Germany
Wingspan 14.5 m (47 ft 7 in) [2]
Engine 150hp Benz Bz.III
Armament rear flexible Parabellum
Crew 2
Max Speed 100 km/h (62 mph)[3]

When it became obvious that two-seaters needed to defend themselves, L.V.G. like other manufacturers took their B-class aeroplane and give it a minor facelift. The L.V.G. C.I may have been the first German plane to provide the observer with a Parabellum on a Schneider-ring mounting. Only limited production was undertaken for the C.I. [4]

For more information, see Wikipedia:LVG C.II.

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