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Luft-Verkehrs Gesellschaft mbH (L.V.G.) of Berlin-Johannisthal started by building Farman types, but designer Franz Schneider soon moved onto original two-seater designs.[1] After Schneider left the firm with the C.IV, the subsequent C.V and C.VI were designed by Willi Sabersky-Müssigbrodt, and they were produced in large numbers.

Production aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:


  1. The C.III was an experimental design with the observer in the front.
  2. The license-built Albatros D.II was originally known as the LVG D.I, but was later renamed the Albatros D.II(LVG).
  3. A prototype G.I was completed as a battleplane in 1915 but it was not further developed.[2]
  4. We have no information on the G.II, other than surmising it at least existed on the drawing boards.
  5. The G.III was a massive triplane twin-engine bomber based on the Schütte-Lanz G.V completed in 1918, too late to enter production.[2]
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