How-to: Add a Plane Card

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When you edit the page, there will be a section that looks like this. If there are already cards present, the comment markers <!-- and --> will have already been removed and the data for existing cards will be "real".

==== Plane and Crew Cards ====
<gallery mode="packed-hover" style="text-align:left">
  1. Before you start: you can only upload cards for which you own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner.
  2. Uncomment this section of the page by removing the <!-- and --> surrounding the section. (Unless that has already been done.)
  3. Make sure it says, "packed-hover" for the gallery. Some of the older stub pages just say "packed".
  4. Create a space for your new card by adding a new empty line in the gallery. Put your cursor on the new line.
  5. Press the Embedded File icon at the top of the page:
  6. That will bring up the Insert File Dialog like the one to the right. Press the Upload button.
    Insert File Dialog
  7. This will take you to the Upload File Dialog. Pick your file and check the box.
    File Upload Dialog 1
  8. A third dialog pops up, File Description Dialog. You can change the filename (something unique is good, maybe starting with your username). Add a good description.
    File Description Dialog
  9. Now you're back to the Insert File Dialog, but your file has been uploaded and the filename is filled in. Press Insert.
  10. This leaves something in the text like
    . Remove the square brackets and change "File:" to "Image:".
  11. Replace "thumb" with the xCardnotes template you see above. The "parameters" for the card notes are country, unit, pilot, text, and artist. You can leave out any that do not apply, but you should certainly specify the artist. Keep the text as short as possible -- there's not much room.
  12. Your new line should look something like:
    Image:Artist-FokD7-Ge-17-Krebs.jpg|{{xCardnotes|country=Germany|unit=Jasta 17|pilot=Krebs|text=1917 colors|artist=Leonardo}}
  13. Press Show Preview button at the bottom and see how your addition is looking. Hover over the card to see the text.
  14. Don't worry if the artist template is red at first... it goes through a couple tricks to bring up an artist page, and that can be handled later.

You could also use the wiki's generic "Upload File" button to get the image uploaded and then just type in the text line like the one above from scratch. You just have to remember the filename.