How-to: Add a New Page

From Wings of Linen
  1. If the manufacturer's page already exists, go to that page and press Edit. Add the new plane to the page surrounded by square brackets, like the example below. Follow the naming conventions already used on the page. When you save the page, your link will be shown in red, because it points to a wiki page that does not yet exist.
    [[Airco D.H.11]]
    • If the manufacturer's page is not there, you'll have to add it at the higher level (Entente or Central Powers). Start by editing the Entente or Central Powers page in the same way as above, then create the new manufacturer's page by copying one of the other manufacturer's pages.
  2. Go to the Empty Page Template and hit Edit just long enough to copy all of its text (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C). Cancel your change and go back to the manufacturer's page where your new plane is a red link. Click on that link, then hit Ctrl-V to paste in the generic plane text.
  3. Where you have content, uncomment sections and fill them out. (Comments are surrounded by <!-- and -->, e.g. "<!-- comment text -->".) Examples can be found the the empty page template comments and on other pages.
  4. If there are obvious alternative ways to get to your page, say, "Airco DH.11" rather than "Airco D.H.11", add those as redirects so that people can easily find your new page.
    • Do a search for the alternative term, e.g. "Airco DH.11" or "SPAD XXI".
    • Press Create so the new redirect page can be created.
    • Type text as below, where the text between the brackets is the name of your real wiki page:
      #REDIRECT [[Airco D.H.11]]
    • Save and test your redirect.