Grigorovich M.11

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Grigorovich M.11
Grigorovič M-11.jpg
Role Flying Boat
Manufacturer Grigorovich
Designer Dimitry P. Grigorovich
Introduction Summer 1916 [1]
Primary user Imperial Russian Aviation Roundel.svg Russia
Number built 75 [2] [3]
Variants Grigorovich M.12
Engine 110hp Le Rhône rotary
Armament front flexible MG (2-seater) or
fixed front MG
Max Speed 148 km/h (92 mph) [3]

The small Grigorovich M.11 Flying Boat was designed as a small fighter, and it was first built in the summer of 1916. As a two-seater, it was found to be underpowered. The gunner was provided with a machine gun on a pivoting arm. The single-seater version had the gun fixed on the deck in front of the pilot and also fitted light armor to critical areas. One hundred M.11s were ordered but only seventy-five were delivered, and it was used on the Black Sea and the Baltic. [1]

In winter a ski undercarriage was deployed, allowing landing on frozen lakes and level fields.[3]

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