Gotha LE.2

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Gotha LE.2 "Taube"
The German Air Force in the First World War Q71416.jpg
Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Gotha
Designer Böhnisch & Bartel[1]
Primary user Cross-Pattee-alternate3.svg Germany
Number built 35[1]
Variants Gotha LE.3
Engine 100hp Mercedes D.I inline or other
Armament none

The Gotha LE.2 was yet another variant on the Taube theme, following the LE.1 trainer. Thirty-five were ordered and they were used both for training and at the front during the early months. "LE" stood for "Land Eindecker" (Land Monoplane).[1]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Etrich Taube.

Game Data[edit]

Blue Max/Canvas Eagles[edit]

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