Gotha G.VII

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Gotha G.VII
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Role Bomber
Manufacturer Gotha
First flight Sept 1917 [1]
Introduction May 1918 [1]
Primary user Cross-Pattee-alternate3.svg Germany
Number built 38 [1]
Wingspan 19.3 m (63 ft 5 in) [2][3]
Engine 2× 260hp Mercedes D.IVa inlines
Armament rear flexible Parabellum
Max Speed 180 km/h (112 mph) [4][2][3]
Climb 6,000 m (19,700 ft) in 38:00 [4][2]
Service Ceiling 6,000 m (19,700 ft)[3]
Range 630 km (390 mi) [2]
Endurance 3:00 [4]

The GL or "lightened G" programme began with the Gotha G.VII/GL.VII. The engines were placed close together and the nose gunner position was removed. Fifty-five were ordered from Gotha, of which eight were delivered and Aviatik built thirty. L.V.G. was also awarded a contract. Most GL.VIIs reached the fronts only in ones and twos for flight testing, beginning in May 1918. The GL.VII retained the box tail of the Gotha G.Va.[1] Ailerons were added to all wings and the wings were slightly swept to compensate for the removal of the nose gunner position.[4]

Though G.VIIs were sent to the front for evaluation in small numbers starting in May 1918, it is not known whether any of them few operational sorties.[3]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Gotha G.VII.

Miniatures and Models

1:144 Scale


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