Gotha LD.2

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Gotha LD.2 / B.II
German Aircraft of the First World War Q67877.jpg
Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Gotha
Designer Rösner[1]
Primary user Cross-Pattee-alternate3.svg Germany
Number built 9 [1]
Engine 100hp Oberursel U.I rotary
Armament none
Max Speed 105 km/h (65 mph) [2]
Climb 800m in 12min [2]

The Gotha LD.2 was designed for speed competition, but Idflieg ordered nine of them for use, re-designated the Gotha B.II. "LD" stands for "Land Doppeldecker" (Land Biplane).[1] It was used at the Front for a few months.[2]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Gotha LD.1.


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