German Usage Charts

From Wings of Linen

These charts show the use over time of each class of aircraft. Data is from the Frontbestand records of German aircraft at the front, taken every two months. Unfortunately we do not have the October 1918 records, so the data from the last months of the war is lost to us. [note 1]

Note: the horizontal scale on these charts is not universal because some classes came into use long after the start of the war. Using an August'14 to August'18 scale consistently would make some charts harder to read.

Fighters -- D, Dr, and E-Class

German D+Dr+E Chart.png

Two-Seaters -- B and C-Class

German B+C Chart.png

Close Support -- CL and J-Class

German CL+J Chart.png

Multi-Engine Bombers -- G-Class

German G Chart.png


  1. German numbers are from bi-monthly Frontbestand records (Effective Frontline Strength).[1]
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