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Q:What does this wiki cover?
A:Planes that flew in World War One. Excluded (currently) are planes that did not see action in the war, planes that were purely trainers, and -- unless the type was especially important or interesting -- planes were only one example or a few test prototypes were made.
Q:What about lighter-than-air?
A:They're not currently included, but they could be added.
Q:What's with all the templates on the pages?
A:Templates are the things surrounded by curly brackets. The nice things about templates are 1) if you need to change what they do, you only have to change the template's page, rather than trying to change 500 individual pages; 2) they can take parameters and handle them in a regular way; 3) some of them, like the plane type infobox, add some nice functionality.
Q:How do I contribute?
A:There is certainly a lot of work to do to remove all the stubs, add more references, add more plane cards, etc. Anyone can edit the wiki (see the How-to Pages). As far as costs go, Miraheze itself doesn't charge for wiki space, but they do take contributions to keep things running.
Q:Why the emphasis on Wings of Glory?
A:It's currently the most widespread WWI aerial combat game out there. However, if someone is a big fan of another gaming system, they could add plane stats for their game in the same gaming section.