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What does this wiki cover?
Planes that flew in World War One. Excluded (currently) are planes that did not see action in the war, planes that were purely trainers, and -- unless the type was especially important or interesting -- planes were only one example or a few test prototypes were made. Some leeway is given to planes that may have seen limited or no service in the war, but they would have certainly seen service had the war last a few months or a couple years longer.

It is certainly okay to add short notes about prototype aircraft on the Manufacturer's page explaining -- for instance -- why we've never heard of an Albatros D.IV.

What about lighter-than-air?
They're not currently included, but they could be added.

What's with all the templates on the pages?
Templates are the things surrounded by curly brackets, e.g. "{{Davilla-French}}". The nice things about templates are:
  • They keep you from typing almost the same text over and over again, slightly different each time (like a book that is common in the references).
  • If you need to change what they do, you only have to change the template's page, rather than trying to change 500 individual pages.
  • They can take parameters and handle them in a regular way, e.g. adjusting the font or reordering items to be regular.
  • Some of them, like the plane type infobox, add some nice functionality to the wiki.

All of the templates borrowed from other wikis go by their normal names; all of the templates unique to this wiki start with "x".

How do I contribute?
There is certainly a lot of work to do to remove all the stubs, add more references, add more plane cards, etc. Anyone can edit the wiki (see the How-to Pages). As far as costs go, Miraheze itself doesn't charge for wiki space, but they do take contributions to keep things running.

Why the emphasis on Wings of Glory?
It's currently the most widespread WWI aerial combat game out there. In July 2018, links to Blue Max/Canvas Eagles charts were added. If someone is a big fan of another gaming system, they could add plane stats for that game in the gaming section, following Wings of Glory.

Why are some Wings of Glory cards posted directly, while others are just links?
Many cards have been collected, with or without modifications, from others' artwork, so the provenance of the artwork (and therefore the copyright) is unclear. In other cases, the artist did not want to release the card under the Creative Commons - Share Alike - Attribution license. In such cases, a link is a better choice than posting the card directly on this WIKI. The same thing can happen with pictures or drawings where the copyright is unclear.

What about new Categories?
Categories should have sharp boundaries, where it it clear whether a plane belongs in the category or not. A good example is Flying Boats -- there can be little debate about whether a plane is a Flying Boat or not. Examples that do not make good categories are Fighters (what about an armed Farman M.F.11? The Sopwith Strutter was sometimes used as a fighter but usually not) or French Aircraft (what about the Hanriot H.D.1, which was designed and built in France (and Italy) but was never used by the French air forces?)
What about other scales?
1:72 is difficult because there are so many plastic models in that scale. Other scales can be added it someone wants to put in the work.