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C.R. Fairey founded the Fairey Avation Co, Ltd., in 1915 and started building Short seaplanes. Their second design was the carrier-borne Campania, and a further series of seaplanes followed, some of which were modified into landplanes.[1]

Production Aircraft

Aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:



  1. The Fairey F.2 was a large twin-engine three-seater built in autumn 1916. While performance was good, it was not selected for production.[2]
  2. The Fairey F.127 was a 1917 prototype floatplane that led to the Fairey III series. It was also known as the N.9.
  3. The Fairey F.128 or N.10 was a second prototype floatplane for the III series and was redesigned the Fairey III. The IIIA merely switched to a vee-undercarriage and modified radiator.[3]
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