R.A.F. F.E.2a

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R.A.F. F.E.2a
Role Fighter/General Purpose
Manufacturer R.A.F.
Designer Geoffrey de Havilland
First flight Aug 1913 [1]
Introduction Jan 1915 [1]
Primary user RAF Type A Roundel.svg U.K. (RFC/RAF)
Number built 12 [1]
Variants FE.2b, FE.2c, FE.2d
Wingspan 14.6 m (47 ft 9 in)
Engine 100hp Green
Armament front flexible Lewis
Crew 2
Max Speed 121 km/h (75 mph) [2]
Service Ceiling 1,800 m (6,000 ft) [2]

Well before the outbreak of the war, Geoffrey de Havilland had designed a fighting pusher aircraft in the form of the F.E.2. ("F.E." stood for "Farman Experimental" and generally designated a pusher.) The R.A.F. F.E.2a was the first production run, ordered at the outbreak of war with deliveries starting in January 1915. Unlike several two-seat pusher aircraft, the F.E. had been designed from the beginning with the observer in the front seat and the pilot in the rear. Only the first twelve F.E.s were built with the 100hp Green engine because it had a poor power-to-weight ratio.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2.

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