Curtiss R-6

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Curtiss R-6
Role Torpedo Bomber
Manufacturer Curtiss
Primary user US Army Air Roundel.svg U.S.A.
Number built ~198[1]
Developed from Curtiss N-9
Wingspan 17.4 m (57 ft 1 in)[2]
Engine R-6: 200hp Curtiss V-2
R-6L: 400hp Liberty vee
Max Speed R-6: 132 km/h (82 mph)[1]
R-6L: 148 km/h (92 mph)[1]
Ceiling R-6: 2,200 m (7,300 ft)[2]
R-6L: 2,100 m (6,800 ft)[2]

The Curtiss R-6 was the US Navy's first torpedo-bomber. It was derived from the N-9 trainer. While the first 36 were ordered with the 200hp Curtiss engine, the rest were built with the 400hp Liberty and were renamed the R-6L. They were used for patrols out of the Azores. While the type was withdrawn from active service after the war, twenty-five were still on hand in 1921.[1]


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