Caproni Ca.42

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Caproni Ca.42
Caproni Ca.42-Royal Naval Air Service.jpg
Role Bomber
Manufacturer Caproni
Introduction 1918 [1]
Primary users ItalianRoundelGreen.png Italy
RAF Type A Roundel.svg U.K. (RNAS)
Number built 12 [1]
Developed from Ca.41
Variants Ca.43
Engine 3×Fiat, Liberty, or Isotta-Fraschini
Armament nose flexible MG
2×rear flexible MG[note 1]
Crew 5
Max Speed 140 km/h (87 mph)[2]
Ceiling 3,000 m (9,840 ft)[2]
Endurance 7:00[2]

The final production series of the large Caproni Ca.4 series was the Caproni Ca.42 of 1918. The engines were increased to larger Isotta-Fraschini, Fiat, or Liberty types for extra lifting capacity. Twenty-three were completed and six were supplied to the R.N.A.S., but they did not fly combat missions and were returned to Italy after the Armistice. The Ca.43 was too slow for daylight bombing and quickly moved to night bombing missions instead. [1]

For more information, see Wikipedia:Caproni Ca.4.

Miniatures and Models[edit]

1:144 Scale[edit]


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