Breguet U2

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Breguet U2
Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Breguet
First flight 1913
Primary user France
Number built U.K. (RFC/RAF) [1]
Engine 110-130hp Canton-Unné
Armament none [note 1]
Max Speed 110 km/h (68 mph) [2]

The Breguet U2 was a pre-war biplane with thin, circular cross-section and a cruciform tail. One escadrille used them from August 1914 through November 1914, when they were replaced with Voisin 3s. They were flown only with "great apprehension".[3]

They served with No.2 and 4 Squadrons RFC (before going to France), where they were nicknamed the "Tin Whistle".[1]

Timeline [note 2]


  1. At least one machine carried a rearward-firing Hotchkiss MG.[1]
  2. Plane counts are approximate and based of escadrille usage in Davilla'97.
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