Breguet BUC

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Breguet BUC
Role Escort
Manufacturer Breguet
Primary user Roundel of the French Air Force before 1945.svg France
Number built few
Variants Breguet BUC, Breguet BLC, Breguet BC
Engine 200hp Canton-Unné 2M7[1]
Armament 37mm Hotchkiss cannon or
front flexible MG
Crew 2
Max Speed 120 km/h (75 mph) [1]
Ceiling 3,000 m (9,840 ft) [1]
Endurance 3:00 [1]

Fokker monoplanes were taking a toll on the formations of Breguet-Michelin 4, BLM, and BUM bombers and a solution was sought in the form of a lighter, better-armed version also derived from the BU3 prototype. The first answer came in the Breguet BUC, a smaller, cannon-armed aircraft, also known as the Breguet 7. ("BUC" stands for Breguet, Canton-Unné, Chasse (fighter)). The Breguet BLC and Breguet BC are related planes with different engines.

It is likely that only a few were built, as the design was already obsolete by early 1916. [1]


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