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Hansa und Brandenburgische Flugzeug-Werke GmbH, a.k.a Hansa-Brandenburg or simply Brandenburg, produced a long line of seaplanes, two-seaters, and fighters. The company was formed by the merger of Hansa Flugzeugworke AG and Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke AG in October 1915 under the control of Camillo Castiglioni, who by 1917 also controlled Phönix and UFAG. The original Brandenburgische company had been founded by Etrich and a partner in 1914, and they had hired technical director Ernst Heinkel. As Castiglioni had strong ties to Austro-Hungarian aircraft production, German and Austro-Hungarian armies and navies were free to pick Brandenburg designs for production according to their needs. Most Brandenburg designs produced in Austria-Hungary were manufactured by Phönix or UFAG rather than the parent company.[1]

Production aircraft from the Great War or shortly thereafter include:


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