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The Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co., of Leeds, built a mix of landplanes and seaplanes prototypes culminating in the Kangaroo bomber.[1]

Production Aircraft



  1. The one-off Land-Sea monoplane had a flexible undercarriage that could swap between wheels and floats.[2]
  2. The Type L was an impressive 1914 floatplane, but it saw no service or production.[3]
  3. Two[4] to nine[5] "Twin Blackburns", with a double fuselage powered by two 100hp Gnome engines, were built, but their performance was so poor they saw little use, if any.[5]
  4. The Triplane was a compact pusher fighter prototype.[6]
  5. The White Falcon was a one-off two-seat monoplane with similarities to the Land-Sea design.[7]
  6. These twin-engined prototypes saw little use and no production, but the S.P. was developed into the Kangaroo.[5]
  7. The N.IB was a 1918 prototype single-seat flying-boat fighter, intended to escort the Felixstowes, but it was too late for production.[8]
  8. Three torpedo-carrying Blackbird prototypes were completed in 1918, but the type did not enter production.[9][10]
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