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Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, B.F.W., was created with the liquidation of Otto. While at first their license-built planes suffered from the same quality defects as the original firm, they got their act together by the end of 1916 and they were producing planes in large quantities, including the Albatros B.II, Albatros C.III, Albatros C.XII, Halberstadt CL.II, and Halberstadt C.V.[1]

They did produce several prototype aircraft of their own design, but none were selected for production:


  1. The BFW CL.I was a small two-seater on the Halberstadt pattern with slanted I-struts, built in 1916/1917.[1]
  2. The CL.II appears to be similar to the CL.I but with a 185hp Mana III engine.[2]
  3. Yet another project using a similar airframe, but this time with the 200hp Benz Bz.IV engine.[3]
  4. The Monoplane was a 1918 project with unusual double-tapered, forward-swept wings.[4]
  5. B.F.W's entry into the N-type competition was a large triplane, which undoubtedly gave it greater lift but also made it slow.[5]
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