Aviatik Type P15

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Aviatik P15
Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Aviatik
Primary users Germany
Engine 100hp Argus As.I inline or
100hp Mercedes D.I inline[1]
Armament none
Max Speed 115 km/h (71 mph)[2]
Climb 1,200 m (3,940 ft) in 15:00[2]

Before the war, Aviatik produces a set of unarmed two-seaters including the P13, P14, and Aviatik P15, with a variety of minor modifications and either the 100hp Mercedes D.I or the 120hp Mercedes D.II engines. Retroactively these were renamed Aviatik B.I and B.II airplanes, though it's not clear whether the name was directly associated with the engine type or whether the classification was more ad hoc. Aviatik B-types served from the start of the war and only started to be replaced in mid-1915 by the similar (but armed) Aviatik C.I. In both the B-types and the C.I, the pilot took the rear seat and the observer sat under the wing.

Austria-Hungary purchased seven Aviatik B.I Series 31 and 31.7 planes before the war and another twenty-five after the outbreak of the war. Most of them were P14s but at least three were P15s. The B.I was used wit four Fliks on the Russian front and two on the Serbian front, where they served until moving to training duties in 1915. Some were refitted with the 120hp Daimler engine. [3]

SAML built Aviatik P15s for Italy before moving to the S.1 and S.2.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Aviatik B.I.

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Unofficial Stats
Availability Maneuver Damage Dmg Points Max Alt. Climb
14Q2-16Q1 XB --- 11 13 8

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