Aviatik Type P13

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Aviatik P13
Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer Aviatik
First flight May 1912[1]
Primary user Cross-Pattee-alternate3.svg Germany
Engine 85hp Argus As.0 inline or
100hp Argus As.1 inline or
100hp Mercedes D.I inline[1]
Armament none

Before the war, Aviatik produces a set of unarmed two-seaters including the Aviatik P13, P14, and P15, with a variety of minor modifications and either the 100hp Mercedes D.I or the 120hp Mercedes D.II engines. Retroactively these were renamed Aviatik B.I and B.II airplanes, though it's not clear whether the name was directly associated with the engine type or whether the classification was more ad hoc. Aviatik B-types served from the start of the war and only started to be replaced in mid-1915 by the similar (but armed) Aviatik C.I. In both the B-types and the C.I, the pilot took the rear seat and the observer sat under the wing.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Aviatik B.I.

Timeline [note 1]

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Miniatures and Models

An Aviatik Type P15 makes a good substitute.


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