Aviatik D.I

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Aviatik D.I
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Aviatik
Designer Julius von Berg[1][2]
Introduction May 1917
Primary user Austria-Hungary
Number built 700[1] - ~1000
Wingspan 8.00 m (26 ft 3 in) [3][4][5]
Propeller Diam. 2.74 m (9 ft)[5]
Engine 160-225hp Daimler inline
Armament 2×fixed, sync. Schwarzlose MG
Ammo 2×300 rounds[6][5]
Max Speed see table
Climb see table
Service Ceiling 6,150 m (20,200 ft) [7] [note 1]
Endurance 2:30 [7][4][8][note 2]

The Aviatik D.I was produced in sixteen different series by six manufacturers, so there was a wide variety of differences between planes in armament, radiators, engines, and minor details. The prototype, designed by Berg, was first sent to the front for evaluation in May 1917 where it was found to be fast and maneuverable. It was sometimes known as the "Aviatik (Berg) D.I", At first they were armed with a single top-wing machine gun firing over the propeller, but as soon as reliable synchronization was available this was replaced with twin guns mounted alongside the engine. These were inaccessible to the pilot, so by mid-1918 the guns were relocated to be accessible by the pilot in case of a jam.

Almost 1,000 D.I's were produced, but many of them never saw combat due to shortages of engines, guns, or various other problems of logistics. Even with these problems the D.I accounted for 43% of Austria-Hungary fighter acceptances during the war.[9]

Engines varied from the 160hp to the 225hp Daimler, which no doubt resulted in a wide spread of D.I performance.[10] It was plagued by overheating during he summer months, partially mitigated by removing panels to expose the upper parts of the engine.[11]

They were known to have good maneuverability and rate of climb. Early models had problems with weak wings, but that was corrected in later production series.[12]

Aviatik D.I Series[10]
ManufacturerSeriesEngineAccept DateBuiltSpeedClimb to
1,000 m (3,280 ft)
Aviatik38185hp DaimlerMay 191771187 km/h (116 mph)[13]2:18[13]
138200hp DaimlerAutumn 191787195 km/h (121 mph)[14]1:42[14]
238160hp DaimlerJan 1918120192 km/h (119 mph)[15]2:06[15]
338225hp DaimlerJul 191858?1:59[16]
Lohner115200hp DaimlerDec 191788185 km/h (115 mph)[17]2:38[17]
315225hp DaimlerJul 191822?2:47[17]
Thöne & Fiala101200hp DaimlerMar 191825
201185hp DaimlerJune 19189
MAG92200hp DaimlerApr 1918121200 km/h (124 mph)[18]2:15[18]
WKF84185hp DaimlerSep 191810
184200hp DaimlerMay 19181
284160hp DaimlerMay 191824
384225hp DaimlerAug 191810
Lloyd48185hp DaimlerJul 191810
248160hp DaimlerJul 191820
348225hp DaimlerSep 19181

For more information, see Wikipedia:Aviatik (Berg) D.I.

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Official Stats
Version Availability Maneuver Damage Dmg Points Max Alt. Climb Points
2×Schwarzlose May17-end Q A 14 14 2 82
top-wing Schwarzlose Q B 14 14 2 62

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  1. 6,100 m (20,172 ft) with 200hp engine.[8]
  2. 1:30 endurance with the 225hp engine.[8]
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