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Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer A.E.G.
First flight March 1916 [1]
Introduction Oct 1916 [1]
Primary users Cross-Pattee-alternate3.svg Germany
Roundel otto.JPG Ottoman Empire[2]
Roundel of Bulgaria 1918.svg Bulgaria[2]
Number built ~700
Wingspan 13.0 m (42 ft 7 in) [3]
Engine 160hp Mercedes D.III inline
Armament sync. fixed LMG08/15 and
flexible rear Parabellum
91 kg (200 lb) of bombs[3]
Crew 2
Max Speed 158 km/h (98 mph)[4][5][3]
Climb 1,000 m (3,280 ft) in 6:00[4][3]
2,000 m (6,500 ft) in 12:30[3]
3,000 m (9,800 ft) in 23:00[3]
Ceiling 3,700 m (12,200 ft)[3] - 5,000 m (16,400 ft)[4][5]
Endurance 4:00 [4][5]

The robust A.E.G. C.IV first reached units in October 1916. With its all-steel welded tube fuselage and wings (other than the ribs), it quickly gained a reputation for toughness. It never achieved the popularity of other German two-seaters of the era, but it was a solid and reliable performer, and it became the basis for the A.E.G. N.I night bomber and the J.I and J.II attack aircraft. In addition to traditional reconnaissance roles, the C.IV was also used for light bombing. Almost seven hundred were built, including three hundred by the Fokker factory, who shared expertise in welded-steel frames. Most of the Fokker deliveries happened in the latter half of 1917 and they were used as trainers.[1]

C.IVs were used on the Western Front, in Italy, in Macedonia. According to Lamberton, both Bulgarian and Ottoman pilots flew the C.IV (in addition to German crews).[2]

For more information, see Wikipedia:AEG C.IV.


Game Data[edit]

Wings of Glory[edit]

Unofficial Stats
Availability Maneuver Damage Dmg Points Max Alt. Climb
Maneuver.png Firing.png Damage.png Ceiling.png Climb.png
16Q3-18Q4 Y B/B 15 10 5

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