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Role Reconnaissance
Manufacturer A.E.G.
First flight Jan 1915[1]
Introduction 1915[2]
Primary user Cross-Pattee-alternate3.svg Germany
Developed from A.E.G. B.II
Wingspan 13.1 m (43 ft)[2]
Engine 120hp Mercedes D.II[2] or
160hp Mercedes D.III[1]
Armament none
Crew 2
Max Speed 110 km/h (68 mph)[2]

The A.E.G. B.III (company designation Z10) was a two-seater based on the A.E.G. B.II, with refined tail surfaces, removal of excess weight and perhaps a 160hp Mercedes D.III engine.[1] According to Herris, perhaps only one was built[1] but Gray says the type was used both for unarmed reconnaissance and training, implying it went into at least light production.[2]

In the first version, the gravity tank interfered with the airflow and reduced the plane's rate of climb, making it slower to climb than the B.II. When that problem was corrected, the plane's performance noticeably increased.[1]


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