Clear-Doped Linen

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Early in the war many countries simply used clear-doped linen on their planes, which turned out to a cream or buff color. Windsock publications uniformly describe clear-doped linen as Methuen 4A3 to 4C3.

4A3 Light Linen
Reference Color House Paints or Standards Hobby Paints
Methuen 4A3

CIElab 91.69,-0.92,23.08
rgb #f7e6bb

Austr.Std. Cream (Y34)

Beauti-Tone Martica (B24-6-0811-0)
Behr Calla (PPU6-12)
Behr Taj Mahal (M300-2)
Benjamin Moore Weston Flax (HC-5)
Dulux Vanilla Cream (41YY 83/214)
FS595c 27855
NCS1950 S 0515-G90Y
Pantone 7499C
RAL 130-5
Sherwin-Williams Full Moon (6679)
Valspar Honey Cream (3007-6B)

GW Bleached Bone (?) ?
4B3 Medium Linen
Reference Color House Paints or Standards Hobby Paints
Methuen 4B3

CIElab 83.19,-2.36,21.95
rgb #dbcfa6

Beauti-Tone Howdy Neighbor (B12-5-0385-0)

Behr Honey Mist (MQ3-42)
Benjamin Moore Mellowed Ivory (2149-50)
Dulux Sunshine Coast (40YY 67/196)
NCS1950 S 1515-G90Y
Sherwin-Williams Ancestral Gold (6407)
Valspar Ancient Scroll (3008-8B)

Reaper Creamy Ivory (9144)
4C3 Dark Linen
Reference Color House Paints or Standards Hobby Paints
Methuen 4C3

CIElab 75.06,-3.11,19.2
rgb #c1b995

Beauti-Tone New Foliage (C41-4-0400-0)

Behr Wasabi Powder (PPU9-10)
Benjamin Moore Georgian Green (HC-115)
Dulux Winter's Silence (50YY 49/191)
Pantone 453C
Sherwin-Williams Lemongrass (7732)
Valspar Withered Moss (6007-3C)

Reaper Yellowed Bone (9143)

Reaper Khaki Highlight (9123)
Vallejo Pale Sand (70.837) ?

Background and Caveats

Note: As always, there was frequently variation in paint color, weathering, varnishing, etc., so this is just a general guide. Unless you've got a high-end, wide-gamut monitor in perfect calibration (and who does?), do not trust the colors you see on your monitor! Instead, visit your local paint store and see if you can find paint samples like the ones listed and then match your hobby paints or mixes against those. The goal is just to "get close enough" for your own tastes.

Color matching was performed with the 1989 Methuen Handbook of Color and a Nix Color sensor.


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