Breguet-Michelin BUM

The Michelin brothers volunteered to build copies of the Breguet BU3 prototype, but they envisioned the plane would serve better as a bomber than a fighter. Fifty were built with the 200hp Canton-Unné engine and designed the Breguet-Michelin BUM (aka the BM10). "BUM" stands for "Pusher, Canton-Unné, Michelin". They served in 1915-1916 with the similar Breguet-Michelin BLM and the Breguet-Michelin 4 in some of the earliest dedicated bombing units.

Breguet BUM
Role Bomber
Manufacturer Breguet
Introduction 1915
Primary user Roundel of the French Air Force before 1945.svg France
Number built 50 [1]
Variants Breguet-Michelin BLM
Engine 200hp Canton-Unné
Armament front flexible Hotchkiss or Lewis
455kg of bombs


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